amlzr said: do you know where the jacket sophia was wearing on top of her head with the white bikini is from? thx:-)

It was her skirt, it is in the style finds section. 

wildhair-dontcare said: can you please find gigi hadid's outfit from the lacoste coachella party? thanks so much

I will start looking

primadonnnababe said: Do you know where Kylie Jenner gets all her necklaces that she has been wearing lately? Also where does she get those ripped shirts that she has in a bunch of different colors that she always wears in her vines? Thanks :)

The ripped shirts are from IRO, I’m not sure where she gets her necklaces

343723 said: love love ur blog! just stalked the crap out of it it's such an amazing resource for a lover of all things stylish. was wondering if u knew where bella hadid's coachella two piece tropical outfit was from? 'twas to die for! thanks

Thank you so much! 

And I do not but I will look for it

futuremrszaynmalikk said: can you please do some of vanessa hudgen's recent coachella outfits? thankss


kalifornia-loveee said: do you know where I can get sofia's helmut black skirt but less expensive? :)

I will look

quidnonsentitamor said: Do you know where the long colorful kimono-ish dress that Vanessa hudgens wore to coachella 12-4-2014 is from ? Thank you!😘

Yes I will post it soon

janvier-11th said: Do you know where I can get the Balenciaga leather jacket for less? You know, the one that Sofia & Kylie have been seen wearing? Love your blog xx

I think it is helmut lang, is that the one you’re talking about?

oa1995 said: Hi do you know where kendall got her pink bandeau bikini? Love your blog:)

Which one?

Top – IRO
Price – $140.00

Top – IRO

Price – $140.00